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The replica ancient oil lamps in this section represent clay lamp styles used in the Early Islamic period of Judea as well as the Christian era in the Holy Lands. These lamps are styled after original lamps of the period and can be used as were the ancient lamps, with olive oil and a fiber wick.
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Circa AD 600 to 900

A small and elegant lamp of the early Islamic period in Israel was used by households of all faiths. The almond shaped body has a small knob handle,  and raised geometric lines and circles for decoration. This style was most commonly found about AD 600 to AD 900, but use continued for quite some time after this in a few areas. This example is based on originals from Eretz, Israel. 
(3" by 2") 

Circa AD 600 to 800

The Euphrates is another of the early Islamic period styles, but is uniquely Christian in origin. It is decorated with a cross, and radiating lines terminating in small dots, probably to symbolize Rays of Light, not so much of the lamp, but of Christ. This was most commonly found circa AD 600-800, but some have been found in Medieval levels of excavations. Copied after originals from Israel and Syria. 
(3" by 2")

Circa AD 400 to 600

Another Christian version of the Early Islamic lamp style is the Palestine. The decoration consists of a cross, with an inscription in debased Greek around the body, which roughly translates to May the Light of Christ shine well for you. This reproduction is crafted to follow originals from Palestine and imported into Israel in the years 400-600. 
(3" by 2")

Circa AD 700

An Islamic period lamp of about A.D. 700, the original was a wheel made container with a hand applied handle and spout. 
(about 2.75" diam) 

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